Send and Receive
paperless e-invoices

Paperless connect

is a Secure, Structured and Fully Automated Service for the exchange of dematerialized (paperless) documents between business partners around the World.


Paperless connect
is Unique

Paperless Connect Service apart from exchanging e-invoices, it also provides a full transaction history from initial issue point till final delivery and receipt point.

Paperless connect
is Easy

The service is easy to use as it only needs an internet connection. Moreover being an exchange hub it is easy to find and connect with other trading partners.

Paperless connect
is Safe

Paperless Connect is the biggest e-Invoicing network in Greece (more than 12.000 companies and 50.000 users) and guaranties the Data Encryption and User Authentication

WeDoConnectPaperless connect


Exchange, dematerialized / paperless

like: invoices, delivery notes, contracts, payment slips

Secure operation Guaranteed Invoice delivery

Transparent Invoice delivery status reports

Easy and User Friendly

Intelligent Notification system

Fully integrated with Archiving Connect for automatic archiving of e-invoices

WeDoConnectPaperless connect

Main Features

One Stop Portal

Convenient and secure for all outgoing and incoming documents

Automated invoice delivery status updates & reports

Free Online Paperless connect

Online archiving for all documents exchanged

No need to worry for lost or mishandled invoices, available for download 24x7

Enhanced Collaboration

The Biggest Business Online Community more than +12.000 companies across +80 countries already on-board

Enhanced Interoperability

Fully integrated with Archiving solution

Self Service Ready easy to manage and operate via the embedded administration tools


Full transaction history from initial issue point till final delivery and receipt point

Data Encryption and User Authentication ensure data security and integrity

Main Benefits

Operational Efficiency

Automate Invoice Exchange between trading partners

Guaranteed Delivery

Your documents arrive always in time, lost or blacklisted e-mails are a thing of the past!

Cost Reduction

Reduce Costs associated with traditional invoice procedures (e.g. printing, handling, postage etc.)

Enhance Corporate Profile

Improve your business image and prestige enhance your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy

Security and Availability

Safeguard your corporate data and ensure 24x7 service availability

Unique Characteristics

Automated solutions with infrastructure independency

Stable and secure in compliance with all information security regulations (ISO 27001)

Self Managed and User Friendly

Out of the box functionalities and Add On Features that provide added value

Applied easily to many companies from different kind of sectors

Paperless connect is one of the tools

to realize your vision
for a Paperless Office